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Maybe a moth can live this way.

I just realised that what little interest I have left in football these days is driven almost entirely by Schadenfreude.

What is it Peaches Geldof is supposed to have said? “Joe Bloggs who only earns 20 grand and really has to struggle doesn’t want to see Brad and Angelina strolling round in their million-dollar mansions. He wants to see them falling apart because that will make him feel better about himself. It’s deep in the mid-brain below the survival instinct. That lust to see a downfall. It’s animalistic.”

Hugh, man, don’t be angry.

Anyone else finding the future a little bit terrifying?

Oh good god I got this translation assignment this morning where I have to translate what look very much like candid camera type tv scripts. Pilou Asbæk appears in one of them. I feel so dirty right now…

Okay everybody I’ve decided you’re not allowed to be shitheads to me anymore